Hand Crafted visual worlds for shows and artists.


A strong, complete concept is the key to making good visuals. We don’t work without it and we don’t deviate from it.


Distinctive visuals need unexpected angles and experimentation. We find these in the real world.

Imperfections & limitations

We celebrate imperfections and limitations because they give our work unique qualities.

Time & Trust

A creative process needs time to experiment, to fail and to innovate. That takes time… and a little faith.

& how we work


Gaiia Studio is a collaborative studio that creates unique films and visuals for artists, shows, theatre productions, exhibitions and other creative productions. The studio always puts a strong, unique concept first. Our concepts always involve creating a imaginary universe from which we can draw inspiration throughout the entire process. In the process of creation, Gaiia Studio always uses physical elements. By doing so, we work with the limitations of the real world and welcome the imperfections this brings us, because they are often the unique qualities that set our work apart.

Who we work with

Our clients are creators: artists, showmakers, directors and curators. Like us, they need to like taking risks and value the process of creation.

Full Integration 

Creating visuals is not the end of the process. Only when they can be integrated beautifully with a show will they become part of your story. That’s why we like to be involved all the way through the process, right until the lights go on. 

we give artists a unique ingredient to expand their narrative

the ethics of creativity

We are artists. We feel an intrinsic need to make our fantasies into realities. We want to play with our ideas and battle the laws of the universe to make our vision come to life.

Experimental production

The process of creating visuals is always one of experimentation: finding the right materials, colors, framing, scene sizes, locations, cast, movement, etc. Through rigorous concepting and experimental production, we might discover new directions in which to take the film. This holds true even in post-production, when we finalize the visuals in the edit studio. We don’t just try new things for the sake of it, but we truly, wholeheartedly believe that being open to changes along the way makes for better results.  

Concessions, not compromises.

Creating something special means making choices. Not all choices are feasible, desirable or agreed upon, but there is always an option that serves the final result best. This is something different than making compromises, in which options are combined into an answer that makes everybody happy. This often seems like the safest solution, but is actually the same as making no choice at all, and is detrimental to creativity. Moreover, making the safest choice is usually the worst choice if your goal is to create something that stands out. Making concessions means taking risks, making compromises means being boring. 

myth and future