gaiia's genesis

The start of an odyssey

myth & future

To celebrate the official launch of Gaiia Studio, we decided to create a mythical trailer featuring the mother entity Gaiia. Like in the original Greek myth, Gaiia visits other god-like entities to try and convince them to help her kill her husband: Ouranos. Everyone refuses but Chronos, her son. And when they finally kill Ouranos, a new era begins. The era of Gaiia. 

Gaiia is represented by the shape shifting body of Ornella Dufay, wrapped in light cloth that moved by a circle of 10 fans around her. The other entities--Nyx, Eos, Tartarus, Hemera, Chronos and Chaos are represented by dark shapes which we made from wood and plaster. Finally we composited the two worlds together into a futuristic myth that echos the vision we have for our studio. 

crafted by the hands of

GAIIA Studio

Jerom Fischer

Assistant Director
Medea Zingerle

Ornella Dufay

Elsemarijn Bruys

Giana Alfons

Arthur Vis

BTS & Extra hands
Harrison May

DP insights and hands
Thomas Fibbe

Thanks to
Julian Enequist
Eva Schout

Visual identity
Studio Jan Pieter Boterhoek

Deze Straver

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