i am home

"Without others, I don't exist."

simulated and existent

‘I am home’ is a science-fiction poem about a simulated entity going through different stages of self-conceptualisation. Asking herself the age old question so many of us still struggle to answer: Who am I?

We were invited to Bulgaria to work together with Club EXE and Stratospheric Productions on something extraordinary. As part of the launch for their new club in Sofia, EXE wanted to release a short manifest that touched upon the social aspect of their club.

Shooting in Bulgaria was a dream come true. For a long time, we've been inspired by the brutalist architecture found in old Soviet monuments. Now we could actually use these monuments as the locations for our film. With a very small team we travelled through the country, visiting deserted places and often coming up with scenes along the way. The result is a true testament to experimental filmmaking and how great locations can make a huge impact.

Non of this, without...

Kala Dimitrova

Director | DOP | Editor | VFX | Grading
Jerom Fischer

Director | Music | Sounddesign | VFX | Design
Boris Acket

Production by Stratospheric Productions
Boris Dimitrov
Stella Dimova

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