Hand Crafted visual worlds for shows and artists.

welcome to our universe

Gaiia studio crafts films and visuals for shows, exhibitions and artists. Their story is our starting point on which we build highly conceptual imagery. Our goal is to expand the imagination of an audience. To do this we visually elevate the experience of a show, in which stage-design, light, performance and visuals need to tell one exceptional story.

Gaiia draws inspiration from ancient mythology, brutalist architecture and future dystopias to create its worlds. Our visuals are highly stylized, abstract scenes with gloomy atmospheres. 


We believe in human creation, experimentation and getting our hands dirty to find unique ways to create films. In essence, the process of creation is an integral part of the outcome of our work, taking us into unexpected territory and extraordinary places.

WHAT GAIIA creates

Gaiia studio creates complete visual worlds for your show. We listen closely to an artist’s story and translate it into a truly unique concept. We build distinctive visual universes that become a natural addition to the music, the show and/or the space; giving artists, showmakers and curators a unique ingredient to expand their narrative.

Gaiia studio seeks to integrate visuals to the artist's show as tightly as possible. Our concepts extend to fully art-directional master plans for films, visuals, stage and light. That’s why we are working closely with choreographers, light- stage- and production designers to make the show feel like one symphonious experience.  

The final goal is to expand the meaning and depth of a show’s story and bring it to the next level. Adding something extraordinary that nobody has ever seen before.

a gram of gaiia

Hand Crafted visual worlds for shows and artists.